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Vice Principals Season 2 480p WebRip – Vice Principals is an American comedy television series. Vice Principals focuses on ill-tempered, dogmatic, and disliked vice principal of North Jackson High School Neil Gamby (Danny McBride), and his ambitions of being promoted to the principal’s chair when the principal is due to step down. However, when the current principal (Bill Murray) retires, he reveals that he trusts neither Gamby nor his scheming and seemingly sociopathic co-vice principal Lee Russell (Walton Goggins), and so has recommended neither of them as his successor; instead, outsider Dr. Belinda Brown (Kimberly Herbert Gregory) is hired. When Gamby’s attempt to get the school faculty to veto the appointment backfires (as Brown quickly makes a positive impression on the staff with her goal-oriented agenda and amicability with students), he conspires with Russell to find some way of ruining Brown’s reputation and installing himself as principal. The show chronicles the schemers’ gradual self-destruction as their own biases and unlikable personalities increasingly alienate Brown and the rest of their co-workers.

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  1. Vice Principals S02E01 – Download
  2. Vice Principals S02E02 – Download
  3. Vice Principals S02E03 – Download
  4. Vice Principals S02E04 – Download
  5. Vice Principals S02E05 – Download
  6. Vice Principals S02E06 – Download
  7. Vice Principals S02E07 – Download
  8. Vice Principals S02E08 – Download
  9. Vice Principals S02E09 (Season Finale) – Download

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