The Arrangement Season 2 Complete 480p HDTV All Episodes

The Arrangement Season 2 480p HDTV All Episodes – The Arrangement is an American drama television series. TV actress Megan Morrison is offered a $10 million marriage contract with Hollywood’s biggest star.

Megan Morrison, a young actress, auditions to play the female lead in a high profile film opposite action star Kyle West. She meets Terrence Anderson, the leader of the Institute of the Higher Mind, a self-help organization. Anderson offers her the title “arrangement”—a contract offering her $10 million if she marries West.

The show centers around the Hollywood actor and actress’s relationship, and is an “‘amalgam’ of stories inside Hollywood about arranged relationships against the backdrop of self-help programs”. Some reviews suggest it was inspired by Scientology and the relationship between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

IMDB Rating : 6.6

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